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How To Choose The right Picture Frame? - Domore With Your Picture

How To Choose The right Picture Frame? - Domore With Your Picture

A framed picture mounted on the wall of your living room can reveal a boatload of facts about your personal choice, taste, and persona in many ways. While the photos themselves talk of their own about your life and various aspects of it, we’ll just focus on what the frames say about your choice and taste for art. And how to choose the right frame for any occasion or any place.

Here are our top suggestions on how you can choose the perfect picture frame style and texture according to the place that you’re going to display your pictures on.

Frames For A Gallery Wall:

    A gallery wall is the best way to showcase a set of all your beautiful family and personal memories all in one place. A collage of photos represents your story of life, and whenever you need to see into your past, you can stare all the gallery walls for as long as you wish. This gives you the motivation to go through, not over, the problems of your life.

    Choose from our collection of flat, lightly designed frames to make a gallery wall. Choose frames with the same style but different sizes (according to the size of your photo) for a gallery wall. Buy flat, simple frames that contrast with your wall’s color to make your pictures pop out.

Big Wall Pictures:

    Gallery walls are one thing, and big solo pictures are another. Many people love to personalize their homes with a single picture of themselves or their ancestors. Die-hard fans also like to take a photo with their ideals, get it signed by them, frame it and mount it on the most eye-catching spot of their home. This represents their true persona in just a single picture.

    For big solo wall pictures, buy a beautifully designed multicolored framed from us. For better contrast, choose a frame that has a dominant color present in the photo. This gives the frame its own life and a part in your memories.

Small Collages:

    Small physically printed collage pictures are the best gift to give someone on their birthday, anniversary or any other important life event.

    For photo collages, medium-sized collage frames are your best bet. The collage can contain key pictures from any past event. Compile a bunch of photos and send them over, we’ll create a perfectly framed collage for your loved ones.

The Frame Material:

    Here are some bonus tips for choosing a good material for your photo frame.

If you have a wooden house with mostly woody furniture, then choosing a frame with a 1 to 2-inch wide wooden outline is your best bet. The wood would mix up with the rest of your house’s theme and present a great symmetry in style.

Glass made photo frames work best at gallery walls, where you need small-sized frames for the photos. A benefit with the glass frames is that they are trendy, modern looking and contain intricate designs.

Metal frames are best for light-colored walls, or completely simple, whitewashed house. Metal mixes up with your lamps, furniture, and other decorations to give a personalized look to your living room. You can also use them bedside without the fear of damage.
5 Reasons Why Printing Your Photos Is Now Better Than Ever - Domore

5 Reasons Why Printing Your Photos Is Now Better Than Ever - Domore

Since this is the age of the internet, many people have already started thinking that online clouds, social media, and other digital alternatives have taken over and the photo printing time is over. This isn’t true at all, in fact, it won’t be unfair in any way if we call this the golden age of printed photos.

There are countless apparent and indirect benefits of getting your photos printed at this time that we live in. Here are some of the benefits that you can consider when deciding to get your personal photos printed.

  • Print Isn’t Dead Completely:

While certain types of printed photos have declined in sales lately, some types are even selling hotter than ever before. A good reason for the decline in sales is that there was no alternative to this conventional method in the past, and now when more methods like mobile phones, digital cameras, and online storage devices have been introduced, people often opt to just stick with the digital version of their photos.

Now you have the best opportunity to get your photos printed quickly and showcase them like an old school fashion.

  • Prevent Data Theft:

Many people never get their photos printed and like to store them online in cloud services or just in their phones or storage devices. This increases the chances of data theft. Data thieves can access, store and misuse your data in any way they want to.

So, things like social media, hard drives, memory cards, online clouds, and mobile devices aren’t your best option to store your memorable personal photos. For the best possible safety, get your best photos printed in a physical form and store them forever in a safe place.

  • A Perfect Gift:

Giving someone a framed photo of yourself with them is the best possible way to express your love and compassion for them. Whether it’s father’s day, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day or a child’s birthday, a well printed and beautifully framed photo is the best gift you can give them.

Buy best frames at incredible prices directly from us. You can also send us the photo to be properly edited, printed, framed and directly shipped to your doorstep right on time.

Perfect Gift

  • Home Décor:

Decorating a new home is quite a hideous task, and you’re always looking for new creative, cost-effective yet durable ideas to decorate your home.

Here is a suggestion from us, you can buy the best frames from us, get the photos printed and perfectly fitted in them, and make a family tree frames, collage of different memorable family, personal photos to make your living room more welcoming. All walls full of colors, family memories and personal achievements can express your true persona, and mesmerize the guests visiting your home.

  • Emotional Support:
Unlike digitally stored photos, printed, well framed and well-presented photos are always there when you need them. Photos of all your key memories mounted on a wall can motivate you through the hard times. Also, by looking at your past every day, you can be better prepared for the upcoming future.
5 Reasons Photo Printing is Even More Important in this Digital Era - Domore

5 Reasons Photo Printing is Even More Important in this Digital Era - Domore

Is photo printing in this digital age even necessary? I am sure this is a question that comes to your mind every time you take pictures. You do wonder if it’s not counter-productive to make printed copies of your digital photos.

It’s very easy and handy to take photos these days with portable digital cameras and smart mobile phones. These phones are stored digitally on our phones and cameras. We get access to our fond memories on the go as long as we have access to our mobile phone.


Yaay! It’s the age of Cloud Storage!

It even gets better, it’s the digital era, one would think. You can now store your photos in the cloud and access them any time, anywhere and from any other device that can connect to the internet.

Aside from having your photos handy, you can easily share them with friends and family via e-mail and social media. So, you’d ask again – why should I waste money on printing photos when digital copies come with these benefits? 

In this article, I will tell you why it’s very important, maybe even more important than ever to print your photos. It is also worth pointing out that keeping digital photos and sharing on social media come with their own demerits. However, that is not the purpose of this article. We will discuss that in the future.

So, back to the question – why should you make printed copies of your photographs? I will give you five (5) reasons why it is important to print your most important photos.


5 Reasons You Should Print Your Important Photos


  1. Photo prints are concrete

Digital cameras and smartphones have made it very easy for us to take tons of pictures. Yeah, that is cool but it comes with its own problems. As we take more and more photos, we may even forget about taking them.

Have you ever been in a situation where you took so many pictures at an event but you made a mental note of your favorites? Now you are at home trying to find your favourites but they are lost in the stream of photos on your phone. I know this sounds like you but don’t beat yourself up, we have all been there.

Here is what I am saying in essence – if you snap a lot of pictures with your phone, a week from now, you’ll probably have trouble looking for the special ones. Therefore, if you have favorite photos you would like to see over and over, PRINT IT.

Print it, put it in a picture frame and place it on your desk or wall. You can always look at it any time you want, even when your computer or phones are shut down.


  1. Any Technology can fail

Be it your computer hard disk or mobile phone memory, storage systems can combust or get damaged. This is a good document, so you shouldn’t just have digital copies of your photographs, make printed copies of those ones you really like.

Backups of backups are always a good practice, and printing photos is a good backup too. Yes, there are cloud options but as you upload more and more photos, keeping your cloud account might be too expensive to maintain. I’ve had to download my favorite pictures and shut down my iCloud account because I couldn’t keep up with the monthly payment.

When technologies fail, you have your printed photos to go back to.


  1. Think about your Grannies!

When you decide not to print your photos, do you keep grandpa and grandma in mind? You can make your grandma’s day by providing them with printed memories (photos) when they visit.

Our old relatives are hardly good at operating modern devices like computers and mobile phones. So, print your photos for the sake of your friends and family who aren’t good with technology.


  1. Show only the Relevant Photos

Often when you give your photos to family and friends to view, you only want them to see particular photos and not some other ones. Also, we all tend to keep scores of similar photoshoots on our phones for whatever reasons we have. You don’t want to bore people by making them scroll through thousands of similar photos on your phone.

Why don’t you show them only selected photos from your print collections? This way, you get to control what you want anyone to see.


  1. Privacy! Privacy!! More Privacy!!!

One day, a friend came to me asking for a loan. I didn’t want to give him any loan because he’s a bad debtor, so I told him I didn't have any money. Shortly after that, he asked about the boat cruise I had the previous weekend. I gave him my phone to go through the pictures I took from the cruise.

All was going fine until a bank credit alert came in while my phone was with him. He did see the amount of money that just entered my account. It got worse, a WhatsApp notification followed from the creditor, thanking me for giving him the loan he just paid back. I had to give the loan to the bad debtor.

The Power of Photo Gifts - Domore

The Power of Photo Gifts - Domore

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday. I turned 45It was the best day ever! my birthday and father’s day the same day! Woah! 45 years doesn’t mark a new decade. It’s not one of those highly celebrated birthdays by people, mine was no different. No one threw me one of those of kind lavish parties. I just had a few dinners with family and close friends. I just opened two gifts.


As I emerge from this graced birthday period, I can’t imagine having that feeling of being appreciated, respected and loved anymore. Because of this particular day not- a -big-deal birthday, in addition to those two gifts, I did receive other gifts-gifts that cost nothing, and I have come to know are, actually a very big deal. As we enter this partying and jovial period, it makes sense to catch a breath and pause for the moment and reflect and think about gifts. What the best gifts and what’s there a purpose? Most of the time we give out gifts because we are expected to because on certain occasions like; birthday, weddings, baby shower and the year party-it’s customary to pull out gifts. Underlying that custom is a very important purpose of gifts: appreciation. We give out gifts to people to show them that we appreciate and we are grateful for them and we do value the role that plays in our precious lives. But here comes a misconception or a notion: the more valuable or bigger the gifts, the more they tend to express our appreciation. But this not the case, I know of a few people who’ve received huge grants, huge gifts but they still feel under-appreciated. Because gifts itself don’t express appreciation, people do, and when people don’t express it neither will the gifts.

I looked at the gifts had received and thought about them something amazing happened and I still remember up to this day. My wife Angela had asked my childhood friends and who are still, for photographs we had taken when we were kids and had put them together to form a framed collage with a unique and lovely design, not only that there was also a framed collage of my family and my wife when we started dating a couple of decades ago. This is my favorite and treasured gift that I wake up and look at them hanging in the living room. I touch them and they take me to a time that meant a lot to me where I came from the true friends I have. When I am alone in the house I take a lot of time looking at them sometimes I find that my emotion taking the better part of me and I shed tears, but of joy. That the power of photo gifts.

You don’t have to give something big or highly valued for it to be treasured. In this 21st century, I have come to realize that people treasure those gifts that attach them to certain memorable moments. During this year try and give out unique gifts be it baby gifts, mother’s day, father’s day wedding or any other form of ceremony, let this gift be framed collage photos and see a reaction or a phone call you haven’t received in a while. Contact us for a variety and unique photo gifts!

The Best Way to Make Copies of Your Old Printed Photos

The Best Way to Make Copies of Your Old Printed Photos

I am the second of four children in my family. My elder sister was only 3 years old before our paternal grandmother died. I was not even born before we lost her to a collapsed kitchen roof. I never got to meet her and it breaks my heart whenever anyone talked about how good a woman she was. I needed to see what she looked like but none of my parents had a picture of her.

I took it as a personal mission to find a photo of her; see what she looked like. I asked my grandpa, aunties, and uncles for her picture but no one had it. How could you let the memory of such a “good woman” go like that? “This is not fair”, I said to one of them. He responded by telling me how they lost all her photos – the house got burnt to the ground after her demise. They had to rebuild the house but no photo of her was recovered.

A glimmer of hope

I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that nobody on this earth had a surviving photo of my grandma. I couldn’t help but think of where else her pictures could be. I contacted extended family members but they all couldn’t get me even a single copy. Sad, I was beginning to lose hope.

However, just when I thought all hope was lost, a thought came to my mind. We had a family photographer who would write his business address at the back of all the photos he took. I paid a visit to the address and surprisingly, he still operates the business on that premises. I was elated.

That joy wasn’t to last long when he told me he wasn’t sure he could help. Knowing he’s someone who labels every photocopy with his address, I thought he might have negatives of those photos. I asked him if he could find negatives and he responded that he would try, but wouldn’t make any promises.


We found something

We searched his archive and found negatives and a few printed photos from one of our past family events. I was surprised nobody had thought about coming to meet this old man. I was very glad at this point and that what when I faced the next challenge – how do I print from old negatives?

I asked the old man how we could print those photos. He told me he no longer had the equipment (printers) the photo negatives from 1984. He called some colleagues who might be able to help but to no avail.

Only one of the photographs we found had my grandma holding my sister as a baby. What options did I have? I had to resort to the last option – to reprint the few printed copies available. I will tell you how that is done.


The best way to re-print old photos to make new ones

Whether it’s your personal photo or old precious family photos, the first step is to scan them to make a digital copy. This is a critical step that will determine the quality of the final photograph.



Whatever you do, do not scan the photo with your phone. There are many mobile apps out there that claim they can make high-quality scans. This may be true for some type of documents but for the purpose of photo re-printing, never use your phone. If you do, the quality of the photograph will eventually be poor.

If you want to scan a photo for which the negative is no longer available, then a flatbed scanner is your best solution. These printers normally have settings to 'restore' color prints that have suffered fading.



This often includes tone correction, minor retouching, color correction, and/or conversion to a monotone or duotone conversion. This largely depends on the state of the photograph. Any decent editing software will allow you to deal with cracks, tears, and scratches.

I was lucky that the photograph was still in a very good state, so they didn’t have to do much to get me a very good quality photograph.


Saving your photo:

You can easily save the new digital copy as a .jpg or .jpeg. Saving your files in these resolutions that will offer the best trade-off for quality and file size.

If you are enlarging your photograph, which is from a smaller resolution to a larger one, you should use a 600 DPI scanning resolution. You may also want to save images in the TIFF format. Photos scanned at 72 to 100 dpi is only suitable for e-mail or Internet viewing


Re-printing old photos from digital copies:

For making the same size copies as photographic prints, 300 DPI resolution often suffices. It is important to let you know that most commercial printers will resize and print at this resolution anyway.

November 06, 2019 — Declan Mcgee