Receive a preview in 24 Hours, With Delivery 48 Hours later
Receive a preview in 48 Hours, With Delivery 48 Hours later

How To Send Us Your Photos

So you want us to create a stunning one of kind photo collage for you. There is numerous ways to send us your photos.

Ensure you use our correct email address and include your order number.

- Visit our shop


- Dropbox

- Email (max 10 Photos) 


MCGEES Photo centre Killybegs

The easiest and most convenient way, if you live in the southwest of Donegal is to visit our shop and let us do all the work for you.
We are based in Main St., Killybegs, Co. Donegal. We can scan photo prints, take from your phone, camera or any digital media device


Visit and following the instructions, you can send us your photographs here. ensure you use our email address "" and we will give your confirmation when we receive them.
Here is a short video on how to send photos using




If you already have a dropbox account, you can share your photos with us. It is easy. Fill a folder with your desired photos, place it within your dropbox folder, right click and share it with us by entering our email address and your order number.



You can send us your images by email to if you wish but this method will only be good if you have 10 images or less. If you try to send too many you may have problems uploading them and we may have problems downloading them

If you need assistance with any of these methods, please dont hesitate to contact us by message, email or telephone