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The Power of Photo Gifts - Domore

  • , by Declan Mcgee
The Power of Photo Gifts - Domore

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday. I turned 45It was the best day ever! my birthday and father’s day the same day! Woah! 45 years doesn’t mark a new decade. It’s not one of those highly celebrated birthdays by people, mine was no different. No one threw me one of those of kind lavish parties. I just had a few dinners with family and close friends. I just opened two gifts.


As I emerge from this graced birthday period, I can’t imagine having that feeling of being appreciated, respected and loved anymore. Because of this particular day not- a -big-deal birthday, in addition to those two gifts, I did receive other gifts-gifts that cost nothing, and I have come to know are, actually a very big deal. As we enter this partying and jovial period, it makes sense to catch a breath and pause for the moment and reflect and think about gifts. What the best gifts and what’s there a purpose? Most of the time we give out gifts because we are expected to because on certain occasions like; birthday, weddings, baby shower and the year party-it’s customary to pull out gifts. Underlying that custom is a very important purpose of gifts: appreciation. We give out gifts to people to show them that we appreciate and we are grateful for them and we do value the role that plays in our precious lives. But here comes a misconception or a notion: the more valuable or bigger the gifts, the more they tend to express our appreciation. But this not the case, I know of a few people who’ve received huge grants, huge gifts but they still feel under-appreciated. Because gifts itself don’t express appreciation, people do, and when people don’t express it neither will the gifts.

I looked at the gifts had received and thought about them something amazing happened and I still remember up to this day. My wife Angela had asked my childhood friends and who are still, for photographs we had taken when we were kids and had put them together to form a framed collage with a unique and lovely design, not only that there was also a framed collage of my family and my wife when we started dating a couple of decades ago. This is my favorite and treasured gift that I wake up and look at them hanging in the living room. I touch them and they take me to a time that meant a lot to me where I came from the true friends I have. When I am alone in the house I take a lot of time looking at them sometimes I find that my emotion taking the better part of me and I shed tears, but of joy. That the power of photo gifts.

You don’t have to give something big or highly valued for it to be treasured. In this 21st century, I have come to realize that people treasure those gifts that attach them to certain memorable moments. During this year try and give out unique gifts be it baby gifts, mother’s day, father’s day wedding or any other form of ceremony, let this gift be framed collage photos and see a reaction or a phone call you haven’t received in a while. Contact us for a variety and unique photo gifts!


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