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How To Choose The right Picture Frame? - Domore With Your Picture

  • , by Declan Mcgee
How To Choose The right Picture Frame? - Domore With Your Picture

A framed picture mounted on the wall of your living room can reveal a boatload of facts about your personal choice, taste, and persona in many ways. While the photos themselves talk of their own about your life and various aspects of it, we’ll just focus on what the frames say about your choice and taste for art. And how to choose the right frame for any occasion or any place.

Here are our top suggestions on how you can choose the perfect picture frame style and texture according to the place that you’re going to display your pictures on.

Frames For A Gallery Wall:

    A gallery wall is the best way to showcase a set of all your beautiful family and personal memories all in one place. A collage of photos represents your story of life, and whenever you need to see into your past, you can stare all the gallery walls for as long as you wish. This gives you the motivation to go through, not over, the problems of your life.

    Choose from our collection of flat, lightly designed frames to make a gallery wall. Choose frames with the same style but different sizes (according to the size of your photo) for a gallery wall. Buy flat, simple frames that contrast with your wall’s color to make your pictures pop out.

Big Wall Pictures:

    Gallery walls are one thing, and big solo pictures are another. Many people love to personalize their homes with a single picture of themselves or their ancestors. Die-hard fans also like to take a photo with their ideals, get it signed by them, frame it and mount it on the most eye-catching spot of their home. This represents their true persona in just a single picture.

    For big solo wall pictures, buy a beautifully designed multicolored framed from us. For better contrast, choose a frame that has a dominant color present in the photo. This gives the frame its own life and a part in your memories.

Small Collages:

    Small physically printed collage pictures are the best gift to give someone on their birthday, anniversary or any other important life event.

    For photo collages, medium-sized collage frames are your best bet. The collage can contain key pictures from any past event. Compile a bunch of photos and send them over, we’ll create a perfectly framed collage for your loved ones.

The Frame Material:

    Here are some bonus tips for choosing a good material for your photo frame.

If you have a wooden house with mostly woody furniture, then choosing a frame with a 1 to 2-inch wide wooden outline is your best bet. The wood would mix up with the rest of your house’s theme and present a great symmetry in style.

Glass made photo frames work best at gallery walls, where you need small-sized frames for the photos. A benefit with the glass frames is that they are trendy, modern looking and contain intricate designs.

Metal frames are best for light-colored walls, or completely simple, whitewashed house. Metal mixes up with your lamps, furniture, and other decorations to give a personalized look to your living room. You can also use them bedside without the fear of damage.



  • I really like how you indicated that a framed picture that is hung on the wall of your living room may offer a ton of information about your preferences, tastes, and persona. Since my mom loves arts and theatrics, I thought about giving her a custom shadow box framing for some of her art pieces next week for her birthday. As you said, it reflects someone’s style and I could not think of a better gift that a dramatic frame that will capture exactly my mom’s love for flare.


    Taylor Abrams

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