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Instax camera film

The Best Store For Purchasing Instax Camera Film From

You’ll come across a lot of stores that sell cameras. Everyone wants to sell cameras but not everyone thinks about the things you need to operate the cameras. When it comes to polaroids, the most important aspect, the one thing the whole thing cannot work without, is the film. 

And if you own a Fujifilm polaroid and need a new Instax camera film, we have got you covered. We at Domore, not only sell the best Instax cameras but also provide all kinds of accessories including films. 

We Have The Best Polaroid Films

Films are the most precious parts of an Instax camera. You literally cannot take photos without it. We make sure you get only the best films that are manufactured by Fujifilm themselves and provide the highest quality photos upon printing. 

These films are available in packs of different numbers. We have a Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Photo Film 10 pack, a 20 pack, and a 50 pack. These are the colorful ones; we also have monochrome ones. They come in blue and black & white. 

Besides these, we also have photo films in square shape as opposed to the 2:3 ratio and also special confetti and shiny star photo films. 

They Don’t Cost A Fortune 

The pricing of the photo films is pretty reasonable as well. The cheapest ones are about 13 euros, while the 50 piece packs cost around 44 euros. You can easily purchase a large 50 piece pack and take photos for quite a long time. The affordability of these is what makes it so convenient for everyone to buy them. 

Your One-Stop Shop For Accessories For Polaroids

When it comes to polaroid camera accessories, no one can rival us in all of Ireland. We’re hands down the best shop to get your hands on the best accessories for your camera. And how can we make such a bold claim? 

Well, on top of selling almost all of the popular polaroid models, we have accessories like camera bags dedicated to specific camera models, albums for storing pictures in, Smartphone polaroid printers, etc.  

Don’t Have An Instax Polaroid Camera Yet?

So, you don’t own a polaroid camera yet? Worry not, as we have that in our store as well! You can browse through our website to find your desired Instax camera and purchase it right now. We have a variety of new and old models to choose from, all of which, come straight from Fujifilm. 

Check Out Our Website And Place Your Order Now!

In order to purchase your Instax camera film, head over to our website right now and select your desired pack. If you’re quite low on budget and don’t really need a lot of films at the moment, we suggest getting a 10 piece pack. Trust us, it actually lasts longer than you would think. And if you don’t even have a camera yet, be sure to check them out in the store!