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wedding table photo frames

The Most Adorable Wedding Table Photo Frames

Is there a wedding ceremony coming up next week and you’re wondering what to get the bride and the groom? Well, have you considered buying that photo frame that’s usually kept on the wedding tables? 

If you are thinking of getting wedding table photo frames, we are your best option to buy them from. Here at Domore, we sell all kinds of photo frames, including ones that are wedding-themed (kind of). 

Put The Bride And Groom’s Childhood Photos In There

Do you know what’s a great idea for making the couple’s wedding more memorable? Put a cute picture from their childhood in the frames and put that on the table for display. It would be an adorable gesture and the couple would surely love it. 

It’s not like you HAVE to do this, but it can be something really cute and admirable. You have the option to put other photos too if you want (obviously). 

Made From Wood Or Silver

Our speciality is that the photo frames we provide are either made of wood or of silver. Most of our wooden ones are very simple in design and have about four colourways- black, cream, grey, and white. 

Besides the wooden ones, we also have the silver ones, which come in 3 different designs. One of these designs is pretty bizarre, coming in a floral texture-y, groovy look. You would definitely fall in love with these once you check them out. 

They Come In Different Shapes And Sizes

As we previously mentioned, the photo frames come in different shapes and sizes. While most are rectangular or square-shaped, you can also get a heart-shaped one, which is more appropriate for weddings. When we said wedding-themed, we were referring to the heart-shaped one. 

The floral design is also quite unique. Now, although it typically has a rectangular shape, you can notice that the grooves and details make it completely unique and eye-catching. If we had to recommend a photo frame to you, it would be either this one or the heart-shaped one.  

We Also Print Stuff

In case you were in need of getting the photos printed too, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to worry about printing the photos, we can do them for you and frame them in your desired design too!

The Couple Would Love This Gesture

We are certainly confident that any couple would love getting such a photo frame for their grand day. You can totally buy a photo frame and gift it as a table photo frame at their wedding!

Purchase Our Wedding Photo Frames Now!

As you know, we have a ton of designs to choose from. But don’t get overwhelmed, as when it comes to weddings, the options are much easier to decide on. However, we still want you to check out all the frames listed on our site and see which you like the most. Contact us to purchase the wedding table photo frames!