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Instax Mini 11

Check Out The Latest Instax Mini 11 By Fujifilm

When purchasing polaroid cameras, it is better to go for the latest models. And the newest model in the Instax line-up by Fujifilm is the Instax Mini 11. It combines the amazing aesthetic of a polaroid camera with the modern technology of printing high-quality prints. 

And if you are looking for this amazing camera in Ireland, you are definitely in luck! Here at Domore, we have a wide range of polaroid cameras along with the Mini 11, so you can check them all out and see which one you like best!

Take Amazing Photos With The Instax Mini 11

Rely on the Instax Mini 11 to let you take incredibly high-quality photos. While it won’t be full HD, as it uses a film and the results may be a little grainy, but isn’t that the aesthetic you are going for? Everyone who is into polaroids would love and admire this amazing camera for sure!

Hello Journal Junkies!

Yes, we are talking to you! Those of you who are into making different kinds of artsy journals are going to love this amazing instant camera. The Mini 11 is perfect for any artist or enthusiast who loves designing and creating journals. Getting this polaroid would be the best gift you give yourself. 

Available On A Budget

The best part about the Instax cameras is that they are not crazy expensive at all! You can get them for less than a hundred Euros, which in our opinion, is a pretty good deal. We offer these cameras at an affordable price so that our customers can experience taking vintage photos to post on social media. 

You Get To Choose Your Favorite Colors

If you want to get a polaroid in your favorite color, chances are, we have it in that color. Our Instax Mini 11 is available in 5 different colorways. We have blush pink, charcoal grey (which basically looks black), ice white, sky blue, and lilac. 

We’re guessing your favorite color was already on that list (although we shouldn’t assume). However, even if it is not, you can check these out and see if you like them anyway.

Get The Accessories From Us Too

You don’t have to worry about running out of film while taking photos. You can buy the film for taking the photos from us! We sell polaroid films in different sizes of sets, also at an affordable price. 

Apart from that, we also have camera bags, photo albums, and other accessories that you might need. So, check out our website and browse through our collection of accessories. 

Purchase Your Polaroid From Domore

So, if you are convinced that the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is the best one for you, just go to our site and buy it now! Choose the colorway you like the most, get some extra films, and maybe even a camera bag while you’re at it. We are sure you’re going to fall in love with it!