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BRAUN Marine Binocular 7X50

€299,95 €269,95

BRAUN Marine Binocular

Floating waterproof binoculars with illuminated compass. Includes bag & carrying strap.

The BRAUN Marine Binocular is an important aid on bord and facilitates navigation with an illuminated compass. In contrast to standard binoculars, the marine binoculars have a fast lens and are adapted to everyday life on sea. Since sea markers need to be legible, the BRAUN Marine Binocular compromised in terms of enlargement. The usual sevenfold magnification for marine binoculars are a successful middle ground between enlargement and shake-free images.

The BRAUN Marine Binocular excels in terms of its light weight, as well as being waterproof and buoyant. It's suitable for people who wear glasses, and offers an iluminated scale for measuring distances. The ergonomic and modern design as well as its simple handling was a key factor in the product development. The high quality optics ensure a stellar, color neutral and contras rich image.

Included in delivery: binocular, bag, carrying strap, cleaning cloth, batteries (2x LR936), user manual.