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Why Collage Photo Frames Are Great As Gifts

  • , by Khalid Farhan
Why Collage Photo Frames Are Great As Gifts

Why Collage Photo Frames Are Great As Gifts


The holiday season is right around the corner, but finding the right gift can be difficult. What do you get friends and family who already have everything? The people you’ve been giving gifts to for years? Those who already bought themselves your “perfect” gift idea? It’s tough to come up with fresh and thoughtful gift ideas year after year.

The answer to your problems is simple: collage photo frames. As a timeless, flexible, fully customizable choice, collage picture frames can be your go-to gift this year.

With picture frames for gifts, you can start crossing names off your gift list asap!

Need some convincing? We’re sharing 5 reasons why collage photo frame gifts are the perfect solution to your holiday season stress.


  1. They’re Simple

Choosing picture frames for gifts is possibly the simplest DIY project you can find. The most difficult part of the process is probably making choices from all the options you have, but we’re here to help with that too.

First, you’ll have to decide what you want to frame! Don’t just think of photos. Postcards, ticket stubs puzzle or dried flowers. The possibilities are endless. If you made a memory with it, frame it! You have the option to upload your media directly onto our site to be printed with your frame (for a ready-to-hang gift!), or simply buy your frame based on your item’s dimensions.

Pick from the variety of frame styles, choosing a wood or metal frame, and the grain and/or color that works best. You’ll then consider adding a mat to your framed piece (single or double), and lastly which type of cover (clear or non-glare) will best showcase the piece inside.


  1. They’re Meaningful

Not only are collage picture frames a simple and stress-free gift option, but you also have the ability to make them as personal as you’d like. Choosing photos of shared experiences and precious moments to frame allows the recipient of your gift to look back on the memories you made together.

On the other hand, if you know your recipient has tons of photos of their own — perhaps wedding photos, or another big event in their lives — gifting them frames filled with items they already know and love is a thoughtful gift.


  1. They’re Timeless

Frames will last for years to come. Framed gifts are great because you know you are giving a gift that will out-last this season’s current trend. Long after the holidays are over, your gift will bring joy to your recipient and remind them of your thoughtfulness.


  1. You Have Tons of Freedom On Any Budget

Collage picture frames allows you to explore and experiment with various frame styles and sizes, meaning you have some flexibility when it comes to budgeting. The choice is up to you and depends on what you’re framing, and that can be nearly anything that lies flat!

With collage picture frames for gifts, you won’t necessarily break the bank, as you can play with various options (frame styles, matting vs. no matting, cover type, size, etc.) to stay within your means. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to find a meaningful and reliable gift at a price that is right for you.


  1. They Make a Great Gift for Everyone

From a college-bound high school senior, to your grandmother in a far-away state, collage photo frames are the perfect gift for anyone and everyone this holiday season. That shirt you bought your nephew last year? Not his style. And how many pairs of gloves does your grandmother really need?

Rather than gift a mere physical product, with collage photo frames you are actually gifting the memory of an experience.

Maybe you had a family reunion this year. Got tickets to the championship game and took your grandfather. Sat proudly in the auditorium and watched your niece win an award. Everyone has memories that they cherish whether in photos or “memorabilia” that truly deserve a grand display! Frame that family photo. Show them this year that you want to help them keep that memory alive with a collage photo frames that they will cherish for years to come.


Few Final Thoughts

Everyone loves photos, especially when you've put a little tender love and care into personalizing them. Plus, with so many frame styles to choose from in the market, you have a ton of freedom with your display in addition to what you actually frame. Your frame will be special and timeless — a gift to last for years to come! Don’t worry about finding an “age-appropriate” gift this year, as collage photo frames are the perfect fit for everyone.

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