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The Difference Between the Instax 11 and Instax 12 Camera

  • , by Declan Mcgee
The Difference Between the Instax 11 and Instax 12 Camera

New for 2023 is the instax mini 12 But is it worth upgrading , Lets have  a look

New Design

The Instax Mini 12 has received a subtle design update from Fujifilm.
This new camera comes in a number of new colors including, blossom pink, mint green, clay white, lilac purple, pastel blue and has a unique new design. It includes several of the most popular designs from the previous Mini 11 model that customers loved.
In contrast to the bulging handle that was attached to the side of the Instax Mini 11, the camera has a more uniform rectangular shape. A more fluid and airy appearance can also be seen on the Instax Mini 12's rear, which matches the front of the camera.
For the Instax Mini 11, Fujifilm has completely removed the power switch that was located to the right of the lens. It is now simple to activate the camera by rotating the lens to the right. The camera turns on with the first click, and the second click starts the Close-Up mode.
Using just two AA batteries, the Instax Mini 12 is capable of about 100 total exposures, or 10 packs of Instax Mini film.

 instax mini 12 colours

New Features

The Close-Up Mode and Auto Exposure capabilities from MINI 11 have been inproved and carried over to MINI 12, along with the addition of the new Parallax Correction feature, which aligns the camera's viewfinder with the lens when in Close-Up Mode to reduce object shifts and provide a centered image. Besides that, the MINI 12 has automatic flash adjustment, which enhances image quality in both bright and dim lighting conditions. The lens construction is made to offer simple, precise directions for turning the camera on and off as well as opening the much-liked Close-Up Mode.

so Lets See what the 12 brings to the table 

See actual Specs here ->

Super Selfies 

In built selfie mirrow and close up mode. Selfies. It's what the INSTAX mini 12 was born to do. With a perfectly positioned mirror, Close-up mode, automatic flash control and cheery mini prints, the mini 12 is much more than just a pretty face. It's a selfie moment grabbing extraordinaire

Automatic Exposure

Ready To Go, Take it easy. The mini 12 features automatic exposure and flash control, so you can simply aim and click. No messing around with settings, or remembering to turn the flash on; just joyful one-off snaps every time, whether you're going for gold, silver or all out Fun with a capital F.

Close Up Mode

Centre your view, Introducing parallax correction - say what? It's a fancy way of saying 'what you see is what you get'. By switching to Close-up mode, the adjustable viewfinder neatly pairs up with the lens, so you get the shot you see. We're talking millimetres, but when you're this close, there's no room for error.

Need it now

instax min 12 printing speed

Five seconds. is all it takes to print, Getting faster 

Instax Up

instax up the new app

A brand new app has been developed 

The launch of this camera introduces the  beginning of the free downloadable, smartphone Instax Up! app, a service for storing your Instax photos. The app has a scanning tool that makes it possible to take pictures of your prints without glare, a corkboard for organizing them, the ability to import pictures from other Instax applications, and the capability to share pictures via text or social media.


Final Say

Do you upgrade your instax to the mini12?

Yes , We Love our instax here so are  a little bias.

See our Range ->



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