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I was sited at Joshua tree bar along Blarney street cork having a glass of the smooth famous Irish whiskey, suddenly my thoughts drifted back to early November 2013, and my first-hand experience with extremely devastation in a natural catastrophe. A massive Tornado had hit Washington Illinois just a couple of blocks from my studio where I was residing during my stay in the United States. It had bamboozled at list a thousand homes. I was frightened and felt completely helpless, as I watched the whole ‘horror movie’ as it looked on television. I was settled when my mobile phone rang after a couple of hours after the touchdown of the Tornado. It was Simpson a client. He said in a shaky tone “Angela, my family and I are sound and safe, but we have lost everything. Can you do me a favor and comfort my mourning wife, tell her that you will be able to replace the framed collages, wall portraits you made a while back?” Yes, I reassured him; I had their Files and negatives from the previous work and would start to make them immediately. Similar calls continued to come in for the next few hours.

Before making a call to the insurance company to gain assurance of financial security, before calling a real estate agent, or a building contractor to plan for a cool and safe shelter for the family in the future and before even going to shop for clothes to replace the one they had, these families first priority was calling their photographer designer. Each and every affected family knew that it was their photographs that would be the most crucial in their finding a sense of normal clancy and belonging.

These clients had no time to gather what they treasured and valued more when the devastating tornado hit the town. Their framed collages photos and albums were the first thing that came into their mind about in its wake. I and my family had one to three days to consider the threat of the red flames of fires moving through to our county. A couple of hours later notice of winds that could possibly push the fires into our cool neighborhood came in. Without thinking straight, the first possession we began to gather up in the front door in preparation for a possible emergency evacuation was our Photographs.

In both situations, when every belonging was threatened or taken away, photographs are the things in our possession that we treasure most. Just think about that-Photograph whether printed on paper or canvas! Mmmmm trying to describe the power that a photograph has it’s like trying to explain what love is. Suddenly a certain lady hits the table and asks in a lovely voice,” Can I have a double shot of that”? That’s when I wake up from the deep thoughts…as I took a sip of the whiskey I said to myself:

Portraits and photos hanging our home walls are daily reminders of what we love and treasure most. Our wedding photos become annually pilgrimage back to the day our family began. Family vacation photos represent happy and great times together and bring smiling faces when we look at them for years to come. Photos frame our lives. Most of our photographs are cemented in our mind forever, but the ability to touch and see them hanging in our home walls bring us a sense of security, foundation, and connection that is priceless.

Best Photographs, promote, change, teach and transport us at a glance. We should treasure and protect our future through the keeping of well-designed photographs. We are privileged to be among the world’s professional photographers and designers paid to create priceless and powerful moments in our client’s histories.
November 07, 2019 — Declan Mcgee

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